Saturday, June 11, 2011


When I got here it was raining, and it kept raining for four days.  It was raining the day I came to visit too, and I started to suspect that it somehow just always rained here or something, but now the sun has come out and it's glorious.

Apparently all the birds and bugs were waiting on the rain to stop to do their thing.  The first day of sun saw an explosion of life, bugs flying everywhere. I think there is a bug for every plant at least, and maybe for every leaf. I've seen four species of bee alone! There are wasps by the dozen, cruising the eaves for likely nest-building spots. One wall has a wasp nest for each beam.

There are about fifteen kinds of fly, including the kind that tries to look like a bee, and cicadas and lacewings, and there are about a million ladybugs of all descriptions flying around and feasting on about a billion aphids infesting some beans in the garden.

Lest you think it's all bugs, I've seen at least a dozen different bird species, and heard more. One night I swear I heard an owl! They do say "Who?"

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