Sunday, June 5, 2011

Phileas Fogg, Caterpillar Aeronaut

I saw a flying caterpillar yesterday!

I was walking through the forest when a little bitty caterpillar wafted past my face, obviously hanging from a strand of silk too fine to be seen. I expected that he was just swinging by, like Tarzan, on a strand attached to a tree branch or something and that he would presently swing back. But no! He kept going and even gained altitude as I watched.

The strand of silk the caterpillar was hanging from was "attached" to the air itself, and this tiny aeronaut was sailing into the heavens with all the dignity and aplomb of Phileas Fogg himself, off to circumnavigate the world in his eighty days.

Hats off to you, O intrepid wyrm! Sail the skies like a hero.

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