Friday, May 20, 2011

Farmer Dave's "Alcohol can be a Gas"

"Farmer Dave" Blume has a long history of promoting alcohol as a beneficial alternative to gas and oil.  He has compiled an amazing and very comprehensive book "Alcohol can be a Gas" which describes how, to quote his website:
" can become energy independent, reverse global warming, and survive Peak Oil in style. Alcohol fuel is "liquid sunshine" and can't be controlled by transnational corporations. You can produce alcohol for less than $1 a gallon, using a wide variety of plants and waste products, from algae to stale donuts. It's a much better fuel than gasoline, and you can use it in your car, right now. You can even use alcohol to generate electricity. Alcohol fuel production is ecologically sustainable, revitalizes farms and communities, and creates huge new opportunities for small-scale businesses. Its byproducts are clean and valuable. Alcohol has a proud history and a vital future."
There are videos and additional information at Farmer Dave's site.

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