Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Abundance is Natural

Abundance is Natural, normal, the usual state of affairs, to be expected.

Bucky Fuller was an engineer, one of those folk trained to apply numbers and equations to matter and energy and create things like bridges and skyscrapers and planes and things.  He wasn't a philosopher.

He calculated that, by sometime in the mid 1970s, we would be able to pay for our entire life's resource usage with only about two years worth of work.  That is, if we were to apply the available (and ever-increasing) scientific knowledge of how to meet human needs with greater and greater efficiency, we could arrange things such that you would only have to work for about two years and then you could retire, having more than paid for yourself for the rest of your natural lifespan.

This is not a utopian vision; not a pie-in-the-sky pipe dream. This is a hard-nosed projection from an engineer who had taken the time to actually check things out from what I would consider to be a nearly fully sane perspective.

The microprocessor, our advances in materials science, and indeed all science, and the ever-increasing synergy between different interacting areas of knowledge make it inevitable that we will develop the ability to meet all our needs without a lifetime of work. (Not that work is bad, quite the contrary. It it the freedom from the necessity of drudgery that we should laud.)

With Permaculture we already have developed a "technology" that can bring material abundance to whomever practices it. In a regenerative garden that increases biomass as it provides for its resident gardeners there is every reason to expect the arrangement to be stable for at least several thousands of years.

We have all the technology we need already (except some medical advances to address certain diseases and human regeneration) and all of our problems now are psychological or spiritual, not physical.

I don't mean to suggest that we should stop creating new technology, only that
we are safe as far as having the tools we need to save ourselves. We have to learn to apply them to take care of everybody, and that's going to take love and compassion. But if we're willing to work with love and compassion for the betterment of everyone everywhere we can swiftly and easily change the world forever.

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